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weVagari connects tourists with virtual local buddy to help them travel safely and smoothly

All-in one platform where you can plan you trip and find a local buddy to customize your trip itinerary

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play Store. 
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65 - 90% of females worry about travel safety. Cross-cultural stereotypes can be dangerous

for tourists. 

What is a Buddy program?

Anyone is who passionate about sharing their culture/cities and wants to help adventurers, especially females & minorities, to get the best experience of their cities smoothly & safely. 

Want to be a Buddy for your city? click 👇


Your buddy can do for you:

Safety Buddy

Rewiev your plan/create

the whole itinerary


Trusted Buddy

 Answer any questions and doubt before and during your trip


Travel Buddy

Be your in-person guide

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Are you a local Buddy?

Do you want to be a local travel Buddy for adventuerer coming to your city?

Are you an adventurer?

Are you an adventurer planning to travel anywhere ?

Free tool for
planning & safety check for your trip

We are coming soon to the app store. If you are interested in participating our developement process, please click below 👇 to sign up!

Our goal is to make the weVagari app, appealing, intuitive, and user friendly. Your participation will help us achieve this goal.


Our story

weVagari started by 3 solo travelers from Korea, India, and Azerbaijan

Narmin Rahimova

She is very passionate about travelling who has been over 25 countries. She loves solo travel, museums, McDonald’s and has a postcard collection.


Johae Song

She grew up in Korea and lived in the New york & Boston as a designer for 13 years. Now, she is living in Concon, Chile with her dog, Momo.

She hit the road solo for many years and have been over 20 countries.


Anand Deo

Anand was born in a small hamlet of India, but he did not restrict his imaginations to any national boundaries. He wanted to travel the world, explore different cultures and live his dreams. As a solo traveler, he has traveled to more than 70 countries. Many of his pictures got published in international journals. All of these experiences made his conviction even stronger about helping others live their dreams.


Happy and proud to be part of